ICT in school, part 26: Podcasts

When ICT gets cheaper and more available it´s suddenly possible to make stuff that earlier required expensive studioequipment. One example is podcasts. It´s a method to record and publish soundfiles trough internet that people can subscribe to. It´s like a blog in soundformat.


Swedish readers can listen to all podcasts from Skolspanarna from iTunes or take part of a the list from DN where they listed good Swedish podcasts.


Different tools for creating podcasts



Windows, Mac, Linux. Free, open source. Download Audacity to your computer. Besides recording sound there are many options, for exampleconverting sound, change speed, put on echo and so on.  Features in Audacity can be found here.  Great potential! Recommended!

Garage Band2

Garageband If you work with Mac there is a podcast feature inside Garageband. 

Huffduffer Create Podcasts, link to soundsiles online. Create an account to get started. 


mp3mymp3 Record sound and save as mp3 or wav. Download the program. For PC. Freeware. 


PodOmatic 500mb for free. Publish your podcasts. You can combine sound and pictures in minicasts. 


Soundcloud Share your sounds. 3 hours for free. Easy to share sounds to social media. Available as an app as well.  Dela dina ljud. 3 timmars ljudlagring ingår gratis. Går enkelt att dela ljud till sociala medier. Finns även som app.

Podbean Paid service that you can try before you start paying.  


vozMe Converts written text to spoken text online. Available languages: English, Spanish, Italian and a few more. You can choose between male and feamle voice. Easy to use.

Spreaker Create an account and get started with producing or listening to podcasts.

blubrry A podcastnetwork where you can create or listen to podcasts. Requires registration.

Easypodcast Windows or Linux. Tool for publishing podcasts.

iTunes has a collection of podcasts. You can upload your podcasts too.

Free music you can use in you podcasts 

PartnersInRhyme Royaltyfree music.

Incompetech Music you can use for free.


More tools for creating a podcast: http://alternativeto.net/browse/search?q=podcast


Yips for creating a podcast: www.wikihow.com/Start-Your-Own-Podcast


Good Luck!

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