ICT in school, part 10: Plotagon (create animated movies in 5 minutes)

The text below is from the early days of Plotagon (Beta). They have developed the program, so it doesn´t look the same, but you produce similar videos.


This part will not have a theme (like all the others have). Instead it will alla be about a program called Plotagon. There are not many programs like this, but I´ll guess there will be more in the future.

In Plotagon you create animated movies by using a storyboard. You click on the characters, what mood they have and write the dialogue and the program does the rest.


I´ve made a short movie (in swedish) that illustrates what an animated Plotagon movie can look like. Example of an animated movie made with Plotagon.

Plotagon is a free program for Mac and PC. There is an iPad app (free, but with in-app purchase) that is available as well. Go to https://plotagon.com to download the program.

When you download the program you need to download environments (some are free and some cost money). Choose a free one.  In the Beta-version there is one called city which is free and found inside the store (upper right corner) option.

Plotagon arbetsyta

Then choose ”new movie” and name your movie. Click the small ”i” in the lower right side of your movie symbol.Choose open in the meny that appears.

Plotagon meny

Now you can see your storyboard and workspace.

Plotagon scene

Click scene (1). Now you can choose the environment (scene) and the characters (character) you want in your movie.

Click SCENE (2) (blue-colored) in your storyboard. Now you can choose one of the six different environments that are a part of the city-package. After you´ve chosen one of those six it will show in the upper right window. This is where you can see how your movie is going to look.

Plotagon scene 6 alternativ

Then you click on Character and get the options of available characters in this movie.Choose one. You can add more characters later.

Plotagon character

Click location and choose where (in that scene) the character should stand.

Plotagon location 2

By clicking on the ”head”-symbol with a + next to it you can add more characters.

By clicking on the balloon (dialogue) you can decide in what mood the person talking is(for instance happy/angry/sad) as well as what that person is saying.

Keep adding characters and dialogues to your scene.

When you´re done you choose ”share” ion the lower right corner. Choose share movie. This gives the option to share it on you.-tube or on the Plotagon site. You´ll get a link so you can find your movie.


Good luck with your movie creation! 


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