ICT in school, part 11: Create timelines

To make it easier for students to get an overview of how things correlate to each other timelines are great tools.

A few school subjects where timelines can be very useful:

History (no explanation necessary)

Math to show how math has developed over time.

Science subjects for instance to get a better understanding of how evolution has changed the world and what´s living at different times or how different inventions have developed over time.

Social studies for instance to understand and get a better overview of how politics have changed over time.

Languages to show how language has developed over time, to show how/why some languages are related to each other while others are not.

If you work as a teacher I´m sure you can come up with many more ideas where timelines are a good tool to use in education.

Examples of different programs/sites/apps you can use to make timelines. Let the students do the creating of timelines. They will enjoy the lessons more, you´ll get timelines you can use in other classes and you don´t have to spend as much time to prepare your lessons.

Caperio Gapminder

Gapminder world A statistical tool where you can compare different countries over time in a visual way. You can compare many different kinds of statistics. Works on Mac and PC. Download from the link above. Recommended!

Here is a video of Hans Rosling when he´s using Gapminder.


MyHistro Requires registration. There is an EDU-version that I haven´t tried. Stories displayed on a map and a timeline. There is a free iPhone app.


Capzles Requires registration. Free. Visually the best looking timeline. You add pictures and movies to the timeline and you can add music as well. Is somewhat of a mix between a presentation tool and a timeline. You can tag the content, choose who that can watch the content, choose background and add blog posts. There is a chart, so you can see what other people have done.


Tiki-Toki Requires registration. The free version is limited (one timeline/account). EDU-account is 124 dollars/year (a teacher licens and 50 student accounts where each student can make 5 timelines).


Dipity Timelines online. A limited free version (only 3 timelines/free account) where you can link pics, video, social media and sound. Registration needed to get access.


Preceden Registration needed to get access. Free version limited to 5 happenings/timeline. If you want to unlock full version it´s a onetime payment of  29 dollars.  A textbased tool (you cannot add images and video).


Readwritethink A very simple timeline where you write date and a text, next date, next text and so on.  Easy to use, but limited result since it´s text only. There is a free app called RWT Timeline.


Timetoast A free online tool that requires registration. You can create timelines with pictures and links to texts.


Timeglider There is a limited free version that requires registration and it´s only free for students. They present their tool ”like Google maps, but for time”.


Timerime A free online tool that requires registration. You can create timelines with pics, video and links. There is an EDU-version for  €149/year.


Timelinemaker Easy to use, but limited results. Suitable for younger kids. You fill in boxes and press a button and a timeline is generated.


Ourtimelines Textbased tool. Uses strong colors, which reminds of Internet pages during early Internet.Text can link to other pages.


World History A wallposter you can order that contains a timeline with very much historical information.


Conflict History Doesn´t work since may 2013. They write that the page might resurrect with new technique, but its uncertain. If it does it seems like a page worth visiting! The page shows world conflicts on a world map and on a timeline.


Apps (I haven´t tried these apps, so go to app store, download them and try them out!)

Timeline Cost 4 dollars

Timeline Builder Cost 5 dollars

Timestream Cost 5 dollars

Timeline 3D Cost 11 dollars

Timeline Maker Cost 5 dollars

A couple of timelines where you don´t create yourself, but that contains useful information

Amerian revolution Interactive timeline – A free app for iOS.

Minds of modern mathematics – A free app that is a timeline over math history and persons that have contributed.

Good luck creating timelines!

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