ICT in school, part 20: Finding movies online

Part 20 in the series ICT in schools is about finding movies online that you can use in your classroom or as teacher training. Links open i a new tab/window.

Youtube logo

YouTube – the biggest videocollection there is today, which means that it might be hard to find the good/useful stuff.  By searching for channels it´s easier to find schoolrelated video. You can subscribe to the channels that you feel are interesting. A few examples:






abckidsinc.com/15-amazingly-awesome-science-channels-kids/ A collection of good science movie channels on YouTube for kids

www.youtube.com/channels/science_education contains over 4000 channels (science and education)

www.youtube.com/channels?q=education contains over 2 million channels (education)

www.youtube.com/channels?q=school contains almost 2 million channels (school)

www.youtube.com/channel/UC3yA8nDwraeOfnYfBWun83g YouTube EDU (education)


Filmarkivet Swedish movies.

Teachertube Under the tab videos you can find video sorted by school subject.

TED Ed ”TED Education – Lessons worth sharing”. High quality keynotes and talks.

ABC Television online documentaries Streaming documentaries. 

All things science Sciencemovies.

ARKive Movies about animals and nature.

BBC Learning Video within many schoolsubjects.   

Big Think Similar to TED.

CosmoLearning Lots of video within many school subjects.   

Edutopia Has lots of good material (not only video) on their site.

Exploratorium Video about art, history and science.

Free documentaries.org Streaming documentaries.

GeorgiaStandards.org Video, science and social science.

Google video Search engine for video.

How stuff works Just as the name indicates they have video that explain how stuff works.

JohnLocker.com Video (history, science, religion, nature, sports).

Math tv Movies about math.

MIT Video Example of a physicsvideo on MIT Video that is worth watching.

NASA eclips Video about space.

National Geographic Animal and nature.

NeoK 12 Math, science and social science.

Nobelprize.org Nobel prizewinners.

NOVA Teachers Math, science and social science.

Schooltube Movies from students and teachers

Teacher training videos Teacher training

The archaeology channel Archeology

Top Documentary films Streaming documentaries

University of Washington tv

Watch Know Learn Lots of movies, sorted by schoolsubjects

Web of Stories Different people telling their story.


Good Luck finding and watching movies!

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