ICT in school, part 22: Sound

The more you use computers and iPads in education, the more you need to find pictures and sound that you can use. Part 17 of ICT in schools is about finding pictures so part 22 is about sound. All links open in a new window.

Apps, programs and resources online that might be useful:


Audacity A free program (PC/Mac/Linux) that is high quality. You can do easy stuff, but even the soundexpert can use Audacity for more advanced operations. Recommended!


Audiopal An onlineservice for recording sounds that you can use on your homepage. Demands registration. Free. 

Blabberize Upload a picture and record sound (speech). The picture will move it´s mouth when talking. Demands registration.   


Chirbit An onlinetool to share sound with others. Each file can be up to 120 mb. The files that you upload are converted to mp3. There are options like geotagging your sound, creating QR-codes, extract sound from Youtube etc. Demands registration.  

free sound

Freesound Free soundeffects.

Garage Band

Garageband A program/app from Apple for Mac and iPad where you can play different instruments, record sound and alter sound. A very good program for creating sound/music. Recommended!

Paint music

Paint Music APP for iPad where you very easilly create music by choosing a theme and then ”paint” with your finger when and for how long different instruments play. You´re allowed to use the music you create in any way you want (since you´re the creator). Recommended because it´s so eay to use. Cost about 4 dollars. A review is made on Skolappar (in Swedish).  


SFX Source Soundeffects and music for free(not all is free, there is music and effects that cost as well).


Soungle Free soundeffects and some music for free as well.


Soundbible Free soundeffects.


Vocaroo A basic soundrecorder online. Free.


Voicethread Comment by sound (or text/video) on a slideshow or recorded video. Several persons can give feedback, so it´s a tool that is suitable in schools. Available as an app as well. Limited free version. Requires registration. 


Voki Create a talking avatar. Requires registration.The free version has limited options. There is an education classroomlicens. 


Wavosaur A free sound editor for PC. You can copy and paste (similar to what you can do in a texteditor) sound. you can create soundloops, analyze sound, look at frequencyspectrum and more. 

Good Luck with your sounds!


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