ICT in school, part 24: Resources online

Part 24 of ICT in schools look at different resources online that can be useful. As more and more schools buy Chromebooks resources online will be more valuable. Of course they are useful for others as well. All links are opened in a new window. If you have other resources you want to add, leave a comment and I´ll add the links. 


Billboard Share text, links, pictures, URLs.

Characters that aren´t on your keyboard Copy and paste into your document

”Computational knowledge engine” som svarar på dina frågor (Examples of questions you can ask)

Coordinate meetings (when different people can take part of a meeting)

Create charts online

Create maps 

Create QR-codes

Edit pdf in your browser

Edit pictures in your browser

Feeedback on written text 

Find icons

Find similar websites

Find the right color

Google for a friend

Highlighter pen for webpages


Notes that selfdestruct after being read

Paint program online  

Periodic table online

Photos and pictures for non-commersial use

Professional help creating for example a logo. Cost is from 5 dollars and up.

Print websites without advertising

Random generator

Real-time voting in classroom


Screenshots from webpages Highresolution


Share large files with others

Share files with others

Share files with others

Shorten long URLs

Shorten long URLs 

Shorten long URLs (make your own URL (korturl.com/xxxxx))

Timer online  

Tweet more than 140 characters 

Upload video For you that upload video to different sites.

Virtual room for meetings

Want to know what font that has been used in a picture?

What´s hiding behind a short URL? Find out the real link to the website.


Write together online in a shared document


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