Who is Johan?

JohanI´ve been working as a teacher (in math, science and physical education) for students aged 12-16 years for about 10 years and as an assistant principal for 7 years. Now I´m working with ICT and ICT-education for teachers and principals. I am Apple Professional Learning (APL)-certified. @Aland72 and @jlsuse on twitter.

I´ve been part of implementing 1:1 computers in the school where I used to work.

”JL Skolutveckling” is my own company. I´m lecturing, facilitating workshops and helping schools to develop their schools to adapt to the future.

I live in Sollentuna, which is located just north of Stockholm in Sweden.


What happens here?

As part of my interest and engagement in ICT I have a blog called ”ICT in school”, which I´ve just translated to english. You´ll find all parts of the blog in the menu on the right side of this page (Choose site in english in the upper right corner if you get lost).


How to reach me?

The best way to reach me is through mail johan.lindstrom(at)caperio.se. I read my mail every day and I´ll respond within two days.

Another way to get in contact is to use the contact form on the page ”Kontakt”.

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