ICT in school, part 16: Mindmaps

Mindmaps is the theme for part 16. Mindmaps can be used for instance to taking notes, creating a structure before writing a text or for brainstorming ideas. All links will open in a new tab/window. 



Popplet A tool that is very easy to use. Limited free version. Available as an app for iOS. Recommended!



Bubbl.us Free tool. Requires registration. Easy to use.


Coggle Mind Map


Coggle Free tool. Requires registration. There is a video on the page that shows how it works.


Mind42 Free tool. Requires registration. You can add pictures, links and other things.


Wisemapping Onlinetool. A video showing how Wisemapping works is found here.


Mindnode For Mac, iPhone and iPad. Cost about 20 USD for Mac and 10 USD for iOS, so compared to the other ones it´s expensive (considering there are free tools that makes mindmaps).


Text2mindmap Free tool that´s easy to use.


Map Myself Free tool that requires registration.


MindMap An app for Google Chrome available from Chrome web store. Requires registration.


Lucidchart A Google Chrome app available from Chrome web store. Free. Contains flowcharts and other stuff as well as mindmaps.


Scapple Cost is 15 USD. I haven´t tried this tool.


Mindmup Free tool. Integrating with Google Drive.


Visual Understanding Environment Free tool that you download to your computer.


Edraw Freemind Only for windows. Free tool as well as paid version. You download the program to your computer.


Stormboard Mindmaps in the shape of post-it-notes. Limited free version. Requires registration.


Mindomo Limited free version. There is an EDU-version that is cheaper than the normal version.


Slickplan 30 day free trial, after that from 7 USD/month.


Spiderscribe Limited free version.


XMind Limited free version.


Mindmeister Available as an app for iOS/Android as well. You can try it for free for 30 days, then the cost is about 4 USD/month.



MindJet maps Free

Mind Mapper Free (In app purchase?)

Mind Genius for iPad Free

Headspace lite Free

Cubetto Mindmap 1 USD

Fluent Mind Map 2 USD

Total Recall Limited free version. In app purchase: 2 USD for full version.

Mindmap Creator 3 USD

Trout 3 USD

Popplet 5 USD for ful verision, Popplet lite Free

Big Mind Pro 5 USD, Big Mind Free

Simplemind Limited free version, 5 USD in app purchase for full version

Mindo 8 USD

MindMap for iPad 10 USD

iThoughts HD 10 USD


Good luck with uour mindmaps!

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