Time to level up the use of ICT in your classroom?

Most schools and teachers make the same journey when the move from an analogue classroom to a more digital one. ITL Teacher Survey from 2011 contains a chart (page 20) showing this journey in one picture: http://www.itlresearch.com/research-a-reports/10-reports/40-2011-itl-research-findings-and-implications   Most teachers that are new to using computers in the classroom starts by using Internet as a source of information, using the computer to share content (from teacher to student, the other way around or both ways) and as a substitute for pen and paper, just as is shown in the chart above. There is nothing wrong with using computers this way, but this is not what computers excel at. Todays computers are really, really good at calculating huge amounts of data almost instantly as well as creating simulations, animations and multimedia. The next level for using computers in the classroom should be to start using tools for these ”higher level use… Läs hela inlägget

Movie clips for teachers and students

Before the summer  I wrote (in swedish) a blogtext about books that teachers could read during summer to get interesting pedagogical discussions with their colleagues this autumn. It´s been shared over 1000 times, so there has been quite some interest in these books (some are in english, but most of them are in swedish).  Now I´m going to continue the theme about content that can make a solid base for great pedagogical discussions. This time it´s movie clips instead of books. Most of them are in english and between ten and twenty minutes long. Click on the image to watch to the clip (opens in a new window).   The story of Austins butterfly I wrote a text (in swedish) last year about this clip. If you work as a teacher and haven´t seen it you really should! It´s about critique and formative feedback. A clip (in swedish, based on the swedish… Läs hela inlägget