Movie clips for teachers and students

Before the summer  I wrote (in swedish) a blogtext about books that teachers could read during summer to get interesting pedagogical discussions with their colleagues this autumn. It´s been shared over 1000 times, so there has been quite some interest in these books (some are in english, but most of them are in swedish).  Now I´m going to continue the theme about content that can make a solid base for great pedagogical discussions. This time it´s movie clips instead of books. Most of them are in english and between ten and twenty minutes long. Click on the image to watch to the clip (opens in a new window).   The story of Austins butterfly I wrote a text (in swedish) last year about this clip. If you work as a teacher and haven´t seen it you really should! It´s about critique and formative feedback. A clip (in swedish, based on the swedish… Läs hela inlägget