ICT in school, part 28: Extensions for Chrome

The web browser from Google, Chrome is getting used by many schools and I believe that in the coming years more schools will buy Chromebooks, which will increase the use of Chrome as the web browser in schools. There is a web store where you can download extensions for Chrome. In part 28 of ICT in schools I´ll give you some advice on what extensions to download.


Go to Chrome web store and use the search bar in the upper left corner to find the extensions you´re interested in downloading.

3D Tin 3D modelling in your browser

3DView View, fix and share 3D files. CFInd 3D models online, make ready for 3D printing and more

Ambient Aurea Bring your image to an ambient lighting effect with just one click

Any.do Manage to-do lists

AudioSauna Create, mix, and loop music

Awesome new tab page Enhance your new tab page with customisability

Biodigital human Explore the body in 3D

Brilliant Challenges for the ones interested in math and science

Calmly writer A clean text editor with no distractions

Can I strem it?++ Find out if a movie is available for streaming and from where if it is

Citelighter Academic research tool. Highlight and capture pictures, PDFs and webpages for research

Click&Clean Tool to remove browsing history. Great when students share computers

Deluminate If ypur eyes get tired from watching the web browser, try Deluminate that inverts the luminance of a website to make it easier on the eyes

Desmos graphing calculator Plot functions, create tables, add sliders and animate graphs

Diigo All-in-one web collector. Bookmark, archive, take screenshots and markup

DocHub View, edit and sign PDF

Draw.io Diagram editor.

DuckDuckGo for chrome Searchengine that doesn´t track you

Easy disposable email adress When you need an emailadress but don´t want to hand out you own

Evernote webb A great tool to save thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

Excel online Edit excel documents online

Facebook disconnect If you don´t want Facebook got track other webpages you visit

Geogebra Math tool with great potential

Goo.gl If you often shorten Urls this tool is for you

Google drawings Create shapes and charts

Google Drive Work offline with your Google documents

Google translate Translate webbpages

Hangouts Chat and videocommunication

Hootsuite If you want more out of your social media use. Publish updates, track activity and analyze results

HTTPS Everywhere Encrypt your traffic

InspiARTion – Sketch & Draw Drawing application

Magic Actions for YouTube Enhance your experience on YouTube with these actions

Merge PDF Make several PDF into one PDF

MindMup Create mindmaps

MIT App Inventor Build apps for Android devices in your web browser

Momentum Manage your favourite sites online with this new tab

Padlet A digital pinboard. You can add text, pics, video, and URL. You can collaborate in the same padlet.

Panic button plus Hide all your tabs in a an instant. Handy when you don´t want others to see what your working on.

Pearltrees Organize, explore and share stuff you find online

Pixlr Editor Photo editor

Plotly Online graphing and spreadsheet tool, integrates with dropbox and Google drive

Pocket Easily save articles for reading later

Polarr Photo Editor 2 Potent photo editing app

Powerbot for Gmail If you´re using Gmail, Evernote OneNote and/or dropbox this app helps integrating these services 

Powerpoint online Edit Powerpoint documents online

PowToon Create animated video

Prezi Presentation software

Print Friendly & PDF Print friendly and PDF any webpage

QR Reader Reader for QR codes

Quizlet Tools to helt students to study. Study sets, flatcars, scatter, speller, test and space race 

Readability Save web articles in a comfortable reading view

Remember the milk Manage to-do lists

Scoop.it Collect resources online into one place

Screencastify Screen video recorder

Shareaholic for Google Chrome If you´re a heavy social media user this tool makes it easier to share content on different social media

Simple Audio Recorder Does what the name says

Sketchboard.io Create mindmaps and charts

Sketchtoy Image Overlay Remember when you put a paper on a window so that you could draw the contour on another paper? This is exactly what this app does, but without the need of a window and sunlight

SoundCloud Create, record and share sound

Soundtrap Make music online. You can plug in your own instrument, use the software instruments available in Soundtrap or just record a song directly with your computer microphone

Spotify Streaming music

Speed dial 2 Quick access to your most visited pages, bookmarks and browsing history in new tab

Speed dial FVD Quick access to your most visited pages, bookmarks and browsing history in new tab, you can have a nice 3d effect as well

Stealthy If some websites are blocked in your country Stealthy helps solve the problem

Strict workflow Limit your distractions while working on your computer

Teachsmith Snagit Take a screenshot, screeen capture or screen video recording

The QR code generator Create QR codes

Turn off the lights A nice effect when watching movies on your screen. The app dims the background for a more pleasant viewing experience

TwistedWave Audio editor

Until AM for Chrome Todayy DJs are big stars. Want to test your DJ skills? Try Until AM

WeVideo – Video editing and maker Does what the name says

Word online Edit word documents online

World Data Atlas Statistics, data and visualisations about the world and world´s countries

Good luck with downloading and using the Chrome extensions!

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